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March 2020 - the Theatre industry grinds to a halt and, like the rest of the world, composer Patrick Rufey finds himself at home with a clear diary and an abundance of time. Instead of watching Netflix, he finds hidden away an old treatment he had written for a new musical based around the events of the year 1066; something he had wanted to write but never had the time to fully commit to. Hence "1066" was born!

Patrick sat in his office alone and wrote scene by scene, for months on end, until a first draft was finished in December 2020. Never imagining that the Pandemic would continue past 2020, Patrick found he had the opportunity to take the show to a further level. Upon hearing feedback from a small focus group of industry professionals, he began a second draft; with the book being re-written by talented new female writer Rosie Ward.

The show can now be heard by the public, following a full album recording. Featuring a cast of West End professionals including: Tyrone Huntley, Sam Pope, Samantha Dorrance, Stephen Leask, Anna Simmons, Will Kenning, Pedro Lloyd Gardiner, Katy Hanna, Joseph Peters and Chloe Champken.

This incredible story of British history is '1066 A New Musical'.

1066 A New Musical is available on all audio streaming platforms 


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